Martinus, Darwin and Intelligent Design – A new Theory of Evolution – Ole Therkelsen

Explanation of front cover In connection with his eternal world picture, Martinus (1890-1981) drew a series of symbols in which he uses the seven colours of the visible spectrum to characterise the different forms of energy of the universe. Religious belief is mainly based on feeling, symbolised by the colour yellow. Science is based on the energy of intelligence, symbolised by the colour green, and Martinus’ Spiritual Science is based on intuition, symbolised by the colour blue. After passing through centuries of superstition and belief, humanity has now, thanks to the clear light of intelligence, entered the epoch of science and intelligence. But we now stand at the threshold of a new epoch of intuition that will be based on spiritual science. The book’s three topics are symbolised by the three colours yellow, green and blue. Science is based on intelligence or thought processes from below, whereas spiritual science is based on intuition or thought processes from above, as Martinus puts it. The humane individual whose mature feeling (yellow) and developed intelligence (green) are in balance begins to gain access to intuition (blue). The triangle in Martinus’ symbolic language represents the eternally living being.

Martinus saw the universe as an all-encompassing living being in whom we all live and undergo the experience of life through an eternal evolution.
Martinus’ teaching has been largely ignored in the creation debate of recent years. It offers an interesting approach with a wealth of perspectives that confirms and corrects aspects of both Darwinism and the theory of Intelligent Design. Martinus argues in favour of an evolution based on the consciousness and experience of the living beings themselves and gives an insight into the future evolution of humanity towards perfection.